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PHP, Craft CMS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Online application to support meeting scheduling and attendance. Allows administrators to invite users, maintain meeting rooms and approve meetings requested. Utilizes a customized Craft CMS plugin to support site functionality including emailing invitations and notifications, analytics and custom UI to easily edit and approve meeting requests.

Screens from the Being Patient app

Being Patient

Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, C#

Mobile interactive story to help users understand the effects of being diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Application guides users as they progress through the story with animations, interactive games and custom content based on user information. Supports iOS and Android using the Xamarin.Forms including custom components for each platform as needed.

Screens of the bike activity

Bike Activity

iOS, Swift, Bluetooth

Mobile application to enable trade show attendees to virtually ride a stationary bike through a 3D environment. Uses and iPad and Bluetooth low energy device attached to a physical bicycle to relay speed via iOS SDK and adjusts video playback accordingly. Saves user results to online-database for tracking leaderboard.

Screens from multiple lead retrieval applications

Lead Retrieval Applications

iOS, Swift, Objective-C, HTML, Javascript

Multiple iOS applications that allow data capture of trade show attendees, including barcode scanning for user data, questionnaires and PDF literature previews. Utilizes native iOS code and/or HTML wrappers for entering user data. Saves data to online-database and email API for sending users customized transactional emails.

Screens of each virtual chat application

Virtual Chat Application

NodeJS, JavaScript, Electron, WebRTC

Electron app to enable health care providers to chat live with pharmaceutical professionals about client products. Developed a customized signal server and TURN/STUN server to facilitate video chat communication.

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